Best Car Rental Company in Beaumont, TX

Eastex Auto Rental Banner in Beaumont, TX

Eastex Auto Rental is a highly acclaimed provider of top quality vehicle renting services. It currently carries out its trade in Beaumont and its environs, Houston and its environs, Port Arthur and Lake Charles, LA. You should always make the smart decision by choosing for this company for all your Beaumont car rental needs every time you are in town. This will allow you to access the very best services that can is provided in Texas when it comes to car rental in the above listed locations. A factor that is always the case regardless of whether you are traveling through this part of Texas for pleasure or business. It is as well the case whether you traveling by yourself or with a group of fellow travelers. Well, with that fully understood, let us now take a much closer look at what this car rental firm has to offer.

An Extensive Fleet of General Motors Vehicles to Pick From

Eastex Auto Rental makes it a point to provide its clients with the very latest and finest General Motors vehicles currently available in the market. In essence, this Texas firm has heavily invested and continues to do so, in the best selection of the very latest General Motors automobiles. This ranges from personal cars, SUVs, trucks as well as vans. From which you can conveniently and in a stress-free manner pick the best that actually meets your unique requirements and preferences. Generally speaking, you will get the opportunity to choose from the very latest low mileage models of Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac and even Buick vehicles. All of which come in excellent condition, and are to be had at very competitive rates. The reliability of these automobiles is also another important factor that this company addresses in all vehicles in its fleet. By picking it, you will most definitely appreciate obtain well conditioned and maintained automobiles that meet your needs and purposes while staying in Beaumont or its environs.

Very Knowledgeable Customer Service Staff

Eastex car rental firm makes it one of primary objectives to retain a motivated, well trained and knowledgeable customer service team. They also employ a staff that is specifically meant to deal with all issues its clients might encounter prior to or even when they have reserved a vehicle. This particular team is perfectly conversant with the crucial factors that make or break the motoring experience So, what this really implies is that this staff can be able to effectively address any burning query you may have related to car rental services this company offers. Also, more to the point this team will always be at hand to offer invaluable advice when it comes to helping you efficiently determine just which vehicle might be idea for your distinctive needs and services. This if you remember varies from top notch General Motors vehicles including cars, trucks, SUVs as well as vans.

Chevy Malibu rental car in Beaumont, TX

Very Competitive Car Rental Services Rates

On a parting shot, this firm is widely visible in Beaumont and its various suburbs due to its unparalleled flexibility and affordable fees when it comes to charges for its services. This mind you happens to be a stark contrast from most of its competition running their operations in Beaumont. When you decide to use this car rental service, you will be given 3 different options in terms of billing. The first is a daily rate, while the second is a weekly and the last is a monthly rate. From which you can be able the right one that suits your requirements and preferences. Therefore, whether you planning to stay in Beaumont for a couple of days, a week or even a month, there is always an excellent car rental solution with this company. To make things even better, it offers online car rental reservation through its website. So, despite of where you might be, you can always book for the vehicle you prefer in a convenient and hassle-free manner, from virtually anywhere you may be located. This way you can be able to save both your time and money as opposed to having to go this company’s brick & mortar offices.


As you can evidently see, Eastex Auto Rental does certainly live up to expectations as the leading player in this given business operating in Beaumont. Besides Beaumont, it plies its trade in other regions of Texas. This is if you remember includes Houston and its environs, Port Arthur and Lake Charles LA.