As we age, we lose our ability to use our muscles more and with ease. Our muscles lessen its ability to process protein and convert it to energy. That is why as we grow older, we need to change our diet and daily activities that is better suited for us. In assisted living communities, seniors are encouraged to socialize and exercise to slow down muscle mobility issues.

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Physical Activities Seniors Can Do In Assisted Living Communities

Regular exercise can help us overcome some mobility problems. Doing some morning walks and practicing yoga are perfect for helping improve flexibility. Doing some physical activity also encourage development of muscle. When we increase our muscle mass, we have better balance and control. This will address mobility issues especially with seniors who live in assisted living facilities.

Seniors at an assisted living facility exercise class
Seniors at an assisted living facility exercise class

Healthy Diet Recommended For Seniors With Mobility Problems

Eating junk food, greasy burgers, and calorie-empty snacks will take a toll on one’s health most specially with the elderly. They need to eat more healthy meals rich in protein and fiber. When we grow older, our bodies lose its ability to process nutrients more efficiently. Having a healthy diet also means we are leaner and can move around much easier. Fish, eggs, nuts, poultry, and beans are good sources of protein to add to our diet.

Prevent Fall Hazards At Home And In Assisted Living Facilities

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Did you know that the bathroom, stairway, and the kitchen are where most accidents happen? If you are living with an older parent or relative, place rubber mats to prevent slips. Also, install handrails along the stairs to help prevent falling. Consider investing in a raised toilet seat so they won’t have difficulty sitting.

You should hide away loose wires and extension cords to prevent tripping accidents. If you are going to use rugs around the house, it is best to put a double tape to secure it to the floor. This will prevent the rug slipping. Make sure your house is well-lit particularly along the hallway, bedroom, and bathroom. This is very helpful most especially to older parents that have poor vision.

Regular Doctor’s Checkup For Elders Especially With Mobility Problems

A physical assessment and regular check-up to the doctor can help prevent mobility problems. Most of the time, our elderly take medications that can cause drowsiness and balance problems. This might cause accidents and falls. Ask your doctor if he can prescribe other medications that has less side effects. Regular eye and ear check-ups are also important as we age.

When our elder family member lives alone, it might be a good time to consider talking about assisted living MN communities with them like The Geneva Suites in Minnesota. They get assistance from health professionals to carry on their daily activities. These places are also good for them to socialize with other seniors. Discuss this option with your senior loved ones and lay out the pros and cons living in such a place.