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How to Make a Lean, Mean Homebuilder Marketing Strategy

When it comes to the homebuilder business creating a lean, mean marketing strategy that works is crucial to its success.  When we say lean and mean it only means that it is easy to manage, responsive to marketing trends and of course produce results.  If you feel that you have a slow, bloated marketing strategy that is further bogged down by inefficient and outdated systems you are not alone. Maybe it is time to take a different look and use some new home sales training techniques. Here is how.

Cruise Through the Options

With so many possibilities available like digital marketing that includes SEO, advertising and social media to name a few, one can easily get lost in translation and not achieve anything worthwhile.  The vast array of possibilities means that homebuilders may just try everything to see what works.  This is not only expensive but difficult to implement.

Establish Short Term Objectives

Prior to embarking on a new campaign, step back and look at the big picture.  Ask yourself what are the business goals that you are trying achieve in the next ninety days?  What are the targets that you need to achieve in order to fulfill your objectives?

Examples would be:

  • Sell 5 move-in ready properties
  • Pre-sell lots
  • Improve average sales by at least 10% per month
  • Sell remaining inventory lots on closeout community

Targets to achieve those goals may include:

  • Improve website traffic by at least 50%
  • Establish 200 new leads
  • Convert at least 15% of lead list to on-site appointment

Establish Clear Communication Lines

It is paramount that you communicate these goals effectively to your team so that there is no misunderstanding.  Miscommunication leads to murky expectations and a lack of true direction as to where the business should be going. Establishing clear communication through the establishment of an implementation plan, assignment of roles and responsibilities and setting due dates to achieve them will allow you to achieve a lean mean marketing strategy for your homebuilder business.