What Is The Role Of A Journalist In Delivering General News?

Every journalist, involved in reading news to the viewers, wants to find the latest and the fresh world news. Indeed, journalist is valued too much high in the current society. News keeps on changing as today you may find news on technology while tomorrow it may be on some celebrity. The role of a journalist is something more than simply reading the news. Journalists have almost become social workers as they do not only deliver general news but also they offer their own advices, thoughts and views on the occurrences. The field of journalism is not restricted to any particular idea but it is vast and keeps on changing. A journalist is supposed to have fabulous communication and speaking skills and should also be sound in general knowledge. He/she must know how to interview sports icon, a politician or a movie star.

The role and responsibility of a journalist

Journalist has to bear the right code of conduct and should be excellent in reading news. They have great role and responsibility that is actually discussed during the journalism course only. The journalist while delivering the news takes into consideration the prospective publication and the audience. A good journalist knows the importance of being accurate in delivering the news. He must have the ability to write at a high speed and then report accurately.

Journalists have a profound role in our society. Without them it will be impossible to know what is happening where. Their news writing and reading is unbiased and neutral. They present the basic facts of the news so that viewers can judge everything for themselves.

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